Membrane Vacuum Adhesive

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  • Super viscosity

  • Excellent thermal resistance

  • Suitable activation temperature

  • Capable for storage and after applied on the work piece can be used for a long time

  • The work piece can be sanded after spreading the adhesive

  • Great technical information

  • Suitable for thin foil and high gloss pieces


Since a layer of adhesive should be applied among the PVC and the work piece, the adhesive should have a viscosity in the range of 2000-2800 cps to perfectly coat the surface of the work piece and on the other hand, it can be easily sprayed onto the work piece. The viscosity of this product is 2500 cps which is the highest viscosity in compared with other available adhesives.

Thermal resistance

The ability to withstand direct and indirect heat applied to the adhesive is one of its main factors.

Activation Temperature

The temperature that the polymerization and chain extension reactions are began in is defined as the activation temperature. The low activation temperature is considered as one of the adhesive superiority.

Here are some highlights of the low activation temperature advantages:

  • Decline of the glue consumption by 10% for every 10 degrees of activation temperature reduction
  • Increment of the production efficiency (more trays can be setup )
  • Reduction of the production costs (reduction of the energy consumption, thinner coatings can be used without quality loss, etc.)…
  • As the temperature rises, the opaque finish becomes shiny and the glass finish becomes opaque.
  • Ability to work with non-MDF substrates, such as resin and polymers which are used in capitals of columns, which are decomposed at temperatures of 50-55 ͦ