How to use the Schnellleime adhesive?

  • The adhesive container should be completely mixed to make the adhesive uniform. The adhesive can be sprayed with a steel, Teflon or a polyamide spray nozzle from the 20-30 cm distance on the surface of the MDF.
  • The MDF edges and the worked parts that make the PVC foil more stretched should be twice sprayed.
  • According to the climate change in different seasons using the spray nozzle with the inner diameter of the 1.6-2 mm and pressure of 4-6 bar can be suitable.
  • Based on the dimension and the MDF pieces the using of adhesive for 2-dimensional surfaces should be about 50-60 g/m2 and for the 3-dimensional surfaces should be 90-100 g/m3.
  • Spraying the adhesive on the surface of the MDF in the temperature range of 18-30 °C and the moisture of the 55-60% (the climate condition of the most cities in the country) without any dust is done. Thus, the work piece needs at least about 15-30 minutes to dry.

Tip: if there are any excrescences on the surface of the MDF which can make it rough, during the spraying or after that, the operator can sand the work piece after the spraying and drying of the surface.

  • The workpiece will be ready to enter the vacuum membrane or membrane press machine after drying. For applying the PVC on the MDF, it is necessary to heat the surface of the PVC about 60-70 °C. The thermocouples of the vacuum membrane machines generally are on the top of the cabin. For applying the suitable heat that is mentioned above, the PLC of the machine shows the numbers of 110-130 °C. This difference is the reason of the distance between the thermocouples and the surface of the PVC. (The activation temperature of the adhesive is about 55-65 °C)
  • The mentioned temperature should be applied about 2-4 minutes based on the PVC thickness and the ambient temperature. Simultaneously, a pressure about 7-8 bar make the PVC foil to place on the MDF surface. This operation in the vacuum membrane machines is applied by the suction from the bottom of the piece and in the membrane press machines is applied by the pressure from the top and suction from the bottom.
  • The veneered workpiece will be ready to come out of the machine after turning off the heating and suction system in 2-3 minutes.
  • It is suggested to let the veneered MDF cool down to ambient temperature and after that cut the excess parts of the PVC foil around the workpiece.