Membrane Press Adhesive

Membrane and vacuum presses are used to produce vinyl wrapped doors, which are an alternative to real wood or painted doors. A moulded and sometimes routed MDF core is sprayed with a polyurethane dispersion adhesive and allowed to dry. The panel, with dried adhesive is then covered with a PVC foil and placed in a membrane or vacuum press which heats the foil, applies vacuum for decompression, applies pressure and reactivates the glue line. The result is a door panel that is produced much faster than a lacquered solid wood or painted door, with a vinyl covering that is easy to clean and durable. As this type of production has become more popular over the years, foils are now extremely authentic with realistic wood effects and matt and high gloss finishes emulating a typical painted product. These foils have in turn put more demands on the membrane press adhesives to create the perfect finish.

Chemique Adhesives for Membrane Pressing – The Protak Range

For gluing PVC foils with membrane and vacuum presses, polyurethane based dispersion adhesives are used due to their high thixotropic nature, good spray ability, optimum reactivation and high speed of curing. To improve the heat resistance of these adhesives it is necessary to use an isocyanate hardener in either encapsulated form for single component grades, or separately for two component products. Chemique have an extensive range of both one and two component adhesives for membrane pressing.